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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poster Presentation: Convergence of ICT tools like satellite TV and Internet for Enhanced teaching-learning experience

  • Objectives:

o To display how satellite TV (DTH) can revolutionize and enhance virtual classroom.

o To display how web 2.0 tools like SNS, e-Groups and chat applets can be effectively used for teaching as well as for evaluation and feedback.

o To display the convergence of ICT tools like DTH with web 2.0 tools like chat applet for virtual classroom.

o To enable the students of Gujarat having access to the educators of high caliber and so enhances their abilities to cope up with the rising competition for employment. This Programme will indirectly facilitate the learning and practical implementation of the computer learning by the various subject experts.

o It has been often observed that some experts from the teaching community shy away from the use of newer technology; but this kind of presentations will necessitate their learning and teaching through the computer.

  • Core Content of Poster presentation:

o It will deal with the project of OCHE (Office of Commissioner, Higher Education) named SANDHAN. This project aims to link up all the universities, colleges and research institutions to create ‘virtual classroom’ where any student studying at any college in Gujarat can view lectures delivered by some eminent teachers from the studio of BISAG in Gandhinagar (Gujarat).

o It will share experience of using this technology and real time learning in virtual world.

o It aims at sharing success stories of teaching and learning in virtual environment – both by teachers and students. It indirectly provides an impetus to the subject experts too to increase their circumference of using various web 2.0 tools.

o It aims also to display the SWOT analysis of such projects.

o It will throw some light of limitations of using technology in countries like India with reference to the state of Gujarat.

o It would also discuss the e-feedback opportunity and the success ratio.

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